Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Are You Going With Me?

I second the musical motion of Lileks on the virtue Pat Metheny's tune Are You Going with Me? I got into Offramp in the late 1980s after falling in love with the Falcon and the Snowman soundtrack.

My musical meanderings continue. More Nick Drake. Before recently, I'd never had more than a mere acquaintance or two with Drake's work. The Garden State soundtrack brought Drake back to the surface for me. Having now listened to each of Drake's three albums a few times, I feel more confident in offering high praise.

It's been a discovery of hidden treasure for me. For a sampling, Way to Blue is a compilation from all three albums. The most recognizable tracks will probably be One of these Things First, Northern Sky and Pink Moon. Highly recommended. (Poor Boy playing at this moment.)


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