Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Charles Manson looks like Charles Manson

You can sign up for free at and check out their new face recognition technology. One feature will match your mug with their celebrity database so you can find out which celebrity you most resemble (according to their algorithms).

Because image processing is a big chunk of my job and I was feeling devious, I decided to find out which celebrity looks most like Charles Manson. And the answer is: Charles Manson looks most like Charles Manson (the little box at the left is the match).

So the technology certainly worked well with a dead match, but I'm a little surprised he is in the database. Telling potential customers they look like Charles Manson isn't the greatest sales pitch. I've surmised I don't look like Charles Manson. With a beard, I matched Demi Moore. Thankfully my masculinity was rescued by a clean-shaven shot matching Oscar Niemeyer.


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