Tuesday, February 07, 2006


Michael Herf on the latest in wireless technology: wireless cable! (What'll they think of next?)

Carl Zimmer continues his tales of fascinating parasites with the wasp that turns cockroaches in to zombie transportation and another great piece on leeches linked to his NYT article on the same.

VideoBomb is an interesting Net pop video site. (I have to admit that I find the BK spoof hilarious. Fikkie is pretty good too.)

Finally, I succumbed to temptation and purchased a set of neodymium magnets at ThinkGeek. Let's see how strong these little grade 40 magnets are!

If you missed the BoingBoing post on the ancient Greek merchant ship, here's a related link at Discovery Channel.

One of my current projects is organizing a lot of links on my

This Nikon S3 is tempting me. Now that I have a big camera for the serious stuff, I'd like an ultra-compact that's easy to take everywhere.


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