Sunday, March 19, 2006

A Papaya in a Cantaloupe World

A Papaya in a Cantaloupe World

Taken at Whole Foods yesterday.

May as well throw in a few random thoughts. I noticed the checkouts now have signs stating that customers need to unload their own baskets so the checkers don't get repetitive stress injury. I'm not sure how something like this would go over with my employer. "I'll think up the ideas, if you type them in." KWC bought some aerogel and blogged about it. Too bad the stuff is so expensive, I'd like a large chunk of it like the one I saw at the Minnesota Science Museum a couple weeks ago. If you can hold on long enough, there is a scene in the film Dear Frankie that bumps it up no less than a full star. Good news for 3rd shift cooks, a drug that will let you do your job while you sleep. Josh Trupin cracks me up. After sniffing artist after artist on Y! Unlimited the other day, I'm trying to decide if I like the only contender for likability found: the Mercury Prize nominated London foursome known as Athlete. Yesterday in the grocery store, I noticed a steak sauce advertising low carbs. I thought by now everyone in America had finally heard about entire continents subsisting on carbohydrates and staying much thinner than us. Under interesting, check out the Speech Accent Archive to hear different accents from around the globe.


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