Sunday, April 16, 2006

One of Our Submarines

If you're 18 years old today, you were born the year the movie Die Hard was released, a fact that will probably make you shrug and some of us older folks twitch. The older one gets, the faster time flies; for me, it's already reached a speed that's absolutely horrifying.

Thanks to the joys of Y! Unlimited, I've been a musical time traveler for the past couple of days--venturing back, at times even before Die Hard was released. I really enjoyed listening to the multi-talented Thomas Dolby for the first time in a long time.

If you've never heard of him and you'd like a sample, try his biggest hit She Blinded Me with Science, One of our Submarines, and I Love You Goodbye.

After listening to several songs, I did a little surfing and found his web site: FLAT EARTH SOCIETY: Thomas Dolby. He has a blog, and he's currently on tour in the U.S. Definitely worth checking out.

Also: Check out John Peel's Festive 50s.


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