Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Hide & Seek

As much as I try to retain my modesty, there are times when I'm bursting at the seams with pride and unable to contain myself--times such as now, when nothing can stop me from showcasing my incredible photography skills and the amazing shot I took of Imogen Heap at last night's concert. See!

Then the batteries ran out.

So, anyhow, it was an excellent concert. Adding in Dolby's, that's two in a row. In a few days, I've seen the Alpha and Omega of electronica. Not only is this one woman band* incredibly talented, she's also extremely likable. Most of the songs were from her new disc, with the only track from Details being an unplugged rendition of Let Go. She said she was returning in November. Highly recommended.

*Cellist Zoe Keating opened and accompanied Imogen on a few songs.


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