Monday, May 01, 2006

Monday Non-random N

Many bloggers often post 10 random songs from their playlists. In terms of expressing one's individuality and personality, I guess there's a certain interesting quality about it, but I don't feel terribly compelled.

I'm not sure which genres I listen to most. Folk, adult alternative, whatever, but I do enjoy listening to a lot of music, and I tend to do a lot of exploring. When I find something I like I often do feel compelled to mention it here--I guess on the hope someone else might benefit from the effort, and I also want to do what I can to give it the praise I feel it deserves.

Lately, I've been spending some time investigating Lamb, nothing new and some quite old; I just haven't spent much time with Lamb until now. Example favorites include Gorecki and Gabriel (available here). In spite of their occasional raunchiness, I recommend Giant Drag's This isn't It and (to their chagrin, perhaps) their cover of Chris Isaak's Wicked Game (listen here).

Ever heard Willy Mason's Oxygen? (Real Audio on this page). If Stan Getz hired Ivy to sing Joy Division, you might get the bossa nova rendition of Love Will Tear Us apart that you'll hear from Nouvelle Vague (sample it here). Or, try Don't Stop by Brazilian Girls (sample here). Or, for some good Irish pop, You Asked Me by The Frank & Walters.


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