Friday, June 09, 2006

Colored Castle

The name for this blog came rather spontaneously. I was reading about color science--metamerism specifically--and since it made no sense at all to turn the -ism in to an -ist, I figured there'd be a decent chance of certain degree of Net-uniqueness to it.

That was supposed to segue into the following illusion, but I couldn't make it work, so I guess that paragraph is nothing more than free minutia. Via 0xDE, comes a link to this cool perceptual illusion. You stare at a dot in the center of a picture of a castle, move your mouse over the image, it changes to grey but appears to be in color for quite a while if you don't move your eyes.

It's quite good.

Check it out: here.

Note: I took a stab at rolling my own and had pretty good results, although I'm sure they can be improved.

My first try:

1. Split image into H, S, L channels.
2. Duplicate L channel.
3. Set L constant (I set it at 128/255, but that was probably too much).
4. Recombine H, S, L.
5. Invert it.
6. Paste image from step 5 over duplicate L from step 2.
7. Put little black dot in center of inverted color layer.
8. Make top layer invisible revealing duplicate L.


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