Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Buffett, Inconvenient Truth, Prada

Over the weekend I saw An Inconvenient Truth and The Devil Wears Prada. Al Gore's sobering film on global warming is highly recommended. As far as Prada goes, good reviews and promised satire lured me. It's true Meryl Streep is incredible. At this point, I'm hard-pressed to think of a role in which she wouldn't be incredible. She certainly bumped the film up a star, but I don't find it starry enough for recommendation.

Recently billionaire geniuses Bill Gates and Warren Buffett announced their intentions to give the bulk of their fortunes back to society in the form of charity. Said Buffett: "I believe in equality of opportunity...They should not inherit my position in society, based on the womb that they were born from." Meanwhile, other geniuses are still desperately trying to repeal estate taxes.

Lastly, a few song recommendations:
Zero 7 - You're My Flame
Kyle Riabko - What Did I Get Myself Into
Alexi Murdoch - Breathe


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