Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Birds & Stones

Bird #1. Some things are best explained with interactive examples. Recently, I ran into a need for one here and that led me to plunk around some more with JavaScript and ExplorerCanvas. Flash... yes, I know. :)

Bird #2. I've been trying to come up with a simple and fun way of introducing my kids to programming, but every candidate idea I've had so far has promised to be a little too much like drinking from the firehose.

Stone. I put together a simple little vector graphics laboratory on a web page. A code editor, a Run button and an output window all on one page! :)

As an intro, I told my son to change some numbers in the code to see what happens. (Naturally, the first thing he changed was the number of loop iterations to a ten digit number that locked up the page.)

Here's a link to version 0.1 of this project. The context parameter passed in is the rendering context. Here's Canvas tutorial on a Mozilla dev page.


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