Wednesday, May 30, 2007

House on Fire

This time, something from The Clientele.

"Their music has often been noted for its reverb-rich production and MacLean's distinctive breathy vocals (an effect achieved partly by MacLean singing with a microphone plugged into a guitar amplifier) and unique guitar style. Their lyrics take a strong inspiration from surrealist literature and art from the early 20th century; "We Could Walk Together" quotes a line ("like a silver ring thrown into the flood of my heart") from a 1928 poem by French surrealist Joë Bousquet; the song "What Goes Up" quotes the poem "Stupidity Street" by Ralph Hodgson in its entirety." -- Wikipedia

Several of their songs remind me of British Invasion bands of the mid 1960s such as Chad & Jeremy, the Association, et al.

Artist: The Clientele
Song: House on Fire
Disc: The Violet Hour
Year: 2003


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