Monday, October 29, 2007


If you're in tech and you've got a penny burning a hole in your pocket (Amazon used), here's a book recommendation:

1998. Interviews with Steve Jobs, T.J. Rogers, Steve Case, Scott Cook, Michael Dell, Andy Grove, Bill Gates, Bill Hewlett and others.

Question: "If finding A players is so important, how can you tell who is an A player and who isn't?"

Steve Jobs: "That's a very hard question. Ultimately there are two paths. If a candidate has been in the workplace for a while, you have to look at the results. There are people who are good on paper and talk such a good story but have no results behind them. They can't point to breakthroughs are successful products they shipped and played an integral part in. Ultimately the results should lead you to the people. As a matter of fact that's how I find great people. I look at great results and I find out who was responsible for them."

(As obvious as such a strategy may seem, it's amazing how few people follow it.)


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