Saturday, November 10, 2007

Gare du Nord

Nic Harcourt : Music :: Steve Jobs : Technology

Always find something new and interesting in Harcourt's picks, most recently, Gare du Nord. Here's an except from the group's site:

"In the spring of 2001 Gare du Nord kicked off when producers Doc and Inca were asked by a French promoter to deliver a soundtrack for a Fashion & Lifestyle Event in Brussels called Excellence. Instead of going just for moody sounds and loungy atmospheres the twosome decided to go beyond synths and beats and they composed a song cycle to express their contemporary interpretation of traditional jazz and blues. The soundtrack for the event became the first Gare du Nord album; (in search of) Excellounge and the single Pablo’s Blues were released to high critical acclaim in The Netherlands, a country that has a tradition when it comes to picking up new sounds and trends."

Artist: Gare du Nord & Marvin Gaye
Song: You're my Medicine


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