Thursday, December 27, 2007

Marriage teetering over a cup of joe

Lately, I've been spelunking YouTube for all things Sixties. Some of the commercials are especially amusing.

Advertisers have long preyed on our insecurities in return for our dollars. Apparently, the Achilles' heel of mid-century suburban housewives was their coffee making ability.

And, dude, if fresh perked is the best, why couldn't they find the time to make fresh perked? In spite of our hectic 2000s schedule with two working parents, we still find time to make real coffee.


Blogger Just a peasant said...

Wow! I just keep waiting for Harvey to go off on her about everything else too. I can't stop laughing. And in the second one - if he hates Jane's coffee, does Harold ever tell her how annoying her voice is?

"That's pretty harsh."
"Well, so's your coffee."

9:11 AM  

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