Saturday, March 29, 2008

I Love the Unknown

Last night, we watched and enjoyed Rocket Science, written and directed by Jeffrey Blitz who also directed the excellent documentary Spellbound. The film has the sort of quirky Andersonian dryness I enjoy. Anna Kendrick brings the best overachieving high school student since Reece Witherspoon's Election character, Tracy Flick.

Artist: Clem Snide
Song: I Love the Unknown (mp3)


Anonymous justapeasant said...

You always find such cool songs! My question is, "Aren't there some things that should be left 'unknown'? I think this link will underline my point:

7:25 PM  
Blogger metamerist said...

Ha! Nice. Throw in Shatner's rendition of Rocketman to boot. The artist in the video is named Eef Barzelay. The band's name is Clem Snide. Some of his songs are pretty funny (cf. :I wasn't really drunk").

9:25 PM  

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