Friday, June 06, 2008


The consequences of rising fuel costs on the airlines has left me thinking about alternatives such as blimps and the possibility of hydrogen powered jets. Not alone, I ran into a Guardian article on a new generation of zeppelins. (Except why not cover them with solar cells too?)

Could Zeppelins Grace Our Skies Again?

"Germany is producing zeppelins again. More than 70 years after the infamous Hindenburg disaster, its latest airship was gently guided out of the hangar doors last month to make its maiden test flight.

The Zeppelin NT, built from endowment money left behind by German airship pioneer Count Ferdinand von Zeppelin, will make further test flights around Friedrichshafen over the coming months, before flying to London - where a former contestant from The Apprentice, Rory Laing, plans."



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