Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Dawkins: Kicked the Habit

In the Guardian, Philip Oltermann confers with great minds about their guilty pleasures.

Dawkins: "Computer programming. I have now kicked the habit, but every so often the craving returns and I must thrust it down and away. But whence the guilt? Isn't programming useful? In the right hands, yes. But my projects (inventing a word processor, machine translation from one programming language to another, inventing a programming language of my own) could all be done better (and were) by professionals. It was a classic addiction: prolonged frustration, occasionally rewarded by a briefly glowing fix of achievement. It was that pernicious 'just one more push to see what's over the next mountain and then I'll call it a day' syndrome. It was a lonely vice, interfering with sleeping, eating, useful work and healthy human intercourse. I'm glad it's over and I won't start up again. Except ... perhaps one day, just a little ..."



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