Saturday, October 08, 2005

Sometimes Things Are Not What They Seem

An interesting story I hadn't heard before...

Many years ago, we had a rash of airplane hijackings in this country, particularly out of Miami airport. One such plane was hijacked on its way to New York. “Turn the plane around and head for Havana,” ordered the hijacker gruffly. The pilot could tell that the man was desperate, so he did what the hijacker said. When the gunman tried to intimidate the passengers, however, they started roaring with laughter. No matter what the hijacker did, the passengers laughed. They laughed all the way to Havana. They laughed while the plane was on the ground and tense negotiations were going on between Cuban and American authorities. They laughed when the plane was allowed to resume its flight to New York. They turned the whole experience into a big party. Only one man was not laughing, besides the hijacker and the pilot. He didn’t get the joke. In fact he was worried that the hijacker would react violently to the laughter of the other passengers. The whole experience was miserable for this one passenger. His name? Allen Funt, host of the popular CANDID CAMERA. When the other passengers saw that Allen Funt was on board, they assumed this was all a prank. They were waiting for someone to say, “Surprise! You’re on Candid Camera.”

From: "Lessons From The Pequot War Presented to the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Huntington May 29, 2005 Rev. Paul Ratzlaff"



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