Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Fragments of the Blogosphere

Fafblog on the Plame thing: "True, the Plame scandal is simple enough to be summarized in one sentence, but the devil is in the details. There are names and people and places - names like "Niger", which sounds very much like Nigeria and yet is not Nigeria - and people like "Scooter", which is the name of the Vice President's chief of staff and yet is also the name of a muppet. Will the muppet be indicted?" link

The Reading Experience on the Forbes thing: "One wonders how many other people, especially people in positions of influence and authority, are soon going to wake up to the fact that "suddenly" weblogs are no longer harmless exercises in diary-writing but opportunities for serious critique and commentary, commentary that often transgresses the established rules of decorum to express ideas these authorities don't particularly like." link

The Financial Times on Toyota: "Toyota Motor is poised to become the world's largest carmaker, ousting General Motors of the US from the top spot, according to a new business plan to be released in December." link (ht: Brad Delong)

Engadget on Lip-reading Babelfish Goggles: "But what really freaks us out about the interACT 'babelfish' prototypes they’re developing, more than the in-mouth/throat electrode translation system they’ve theorized, were the “translation goggles” that lipread other languages and subtitle your field of vision with translated text" link

Three Quarks Daily on the latest carbon nanotube technology, Buckypaper: "Working with a material 10 times lighter than steel - but 250 times stronger - would be a dream come true for any engineer. If this material also had amazing properties that made it highly conductive of heat and electricity, it would start to sound like something out of a science fiction novel. " link

Ernie's 3D Pancakes on a Harmonic Balloon Inflation Puzzle: "You are given n balloons, which appear to be utterly identical. For each integer k between 1 and n, exactly one of the balloons can hold 1/k liters of air. You know that the balloons have these different capacities, but you do not know which ballons have which capacities. The only way to discover the capacity of a balloon is to overinflate it, causing it to pop. Your goal is to fill the balloons with as much air as possible. You don't get credit for the air you put into balloons that pop; only the surviving balloons count toward your total. How much air can you get?" link


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