Sunday, May 28, 2006

Andrew Lum - Matter of Time

My recent post on Sakamoto invigorated me enough to embark on another quest for the Kenny Wen erhu song previously mentioned (A Flower is Not a Flower).

In the process of searching, I stumbed onto a disc credited to Wen's producer, Andrew Lum's Matter of Time (2004, New Asia Records) at CD Baby. The page for the disc reads: "Think ethnic Asian with flavas of jazz, film, lounge & soul."

Like A Flower is Not a Flower, the music is an Asian fusion that I find interesting and compelling, with erhu, pipa, etc. blended with electronica. Sample songs are available on the site. My favorites are the most somber, songs such as Longing (9) and Thanksgiving (10).

As far as I can tell, the disc isn't available at Amazon, but it is at CD Baby, a great site for obscure and emerging artists. It's going on my wish list.


Note: While reviewing recent posts, I realized I've been devoting a lot of space to music and photography lately. This is a Golden Mean issue. Because I've been working so much, I find myself technically burned out when it comes to this blog, left craving for art, beauty, aesthetics. Must get Dionysian / Apollonian balance! (see next post).


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