Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Linked List

It's time for one of those posts where I link to things that I find interesting, that tell me what I want to hear, that I just plain like, etc.

Tom Evslin writes Why a Great Programmer is Worth Fifty Good Ones. This a belief I've held for a long time myself, and in my own professional life, I think it was one of the keys to success in going from zero to an application used by tens of millions of users.

I've repeatedly commented on mirror neurons as a significant discovery. The excellent 3 Quarks Daily (I always call it that, because it is) offers a link to an archive of interdisciplinary paper on mirror neurons. Thanks to 3QD also for an interesting link on the Science of Happiness from BBC News.

Eye-Fi, Wi-Fi built into an SD card. Wow!

Machine Learning guru John Langford is going to Yahoo Research.

Old news for many of us in the industry, but the word is Apple axed the bulk of the Aperture team. (update:5/5) According to Daring Fireball and Photoshop News, not so.

Towards the end of maximizing the the freedom of users to choose, Nicholas Carr has a suggestion for Google.


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