Wednesday, September 20, 2006

PeakStream unveils multicore and CPU/GPU programming solution

Stanford's Pat Hanrahan (Brook GPU) is now chief scientist at a GPGPU-related start up with $17M in funding and some experienced techies.

Ars Technica:

"Today marks the official launch of PeakStream, a software start-up that has been operating in stealth mode for over a year now while developing a new type of software platform aimed at making multiprocessor systems easier to program. PeakStream's product, which I'll describe in more detail in a moment, is basically a set of tools—APIs, a virtual machine, a system profiler, a JIT compiler, etc.—that present a standardized, stream-processing-based programming model for which programmers can develop multithreaded applications. A program written to PeakStream's APIs can be compiled once and run on a variety of multiprocessing platforms, including multicore x86 processors, CPU + GPU combinations, and eventually even IBM's Cell. The PeakStream Platform's VM handles all of the scheduling and resource allocation behind the scenes, fitting the application to each system's particular mix of hardware at runtime."



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