Sunday, September 17, 2006

When All's Well

Still enjoying the video treasure trove that is YouTube.

This link, an old video for When All's Well from Everything But the Girl's 1985 release Love Not Money. Although the disc is a top favorite in my collection, it was pretty much unknown here in the U.S. outside music geek circles. This is early EBTG, 10 years prior to their hit Missing.

Love Not Money was released at a time when there were strong country and rockabilly influences on the British music scene, which made for an interesting combination with lead singer Tracey Thorn's punked out hair and the beautiful harmonics in her lush voice.

Tracks exhibiting the heaviest country influences include Anytown, Ugly Little Dreams and Are You Trying to Be Funny? In addition, tracks such as Shoot Me Down and This Love (Not For Sale) bring the wonderful contrast that makes it a personal favorite.


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