Sunday, November 26, 2006

Beauty in Mathematical Proof

I've confessed to a bit of an addiction when it comes to books. One recent purchase is Q.E.D. Beauty in Mathematical Proof by Burkard Polster.

After Li: Dynamic Form in Nature, this is the second publication of Wooden Books I've purchased; these books are distinctive in their shape and design as (I hesitate in ever saying "cute") little hard cover editions devoted to mathematics, geometry, nature and design.

The subject matter of Q.E.D. falls in the intersection of things I find mathematically cool and things that may help spark mathematical interest in my children. In this case, we're talking about wonderful little proofs that demonstrate the beauty to be found in mathematics.

For example:



I'm going to work on collecting more of these over time. Sigh, too many projects, too little time. Here are a couple more neat proofs. Also Mathworld's Proof without Words has a good list of references on the subject.


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