Thursday, January 11, 2007

Lou Rhodes

I'm beginning to realize how this blog works. When I'm too busy to write something more substantial, I often do a musical post. What's both surprising and interesting to me is that these tend to get a lot of views. If I can introduce a single person to a single piece of new music they come to love, I'll consider all efforts a success.

The first Lamb song that really attracted my attention was Gorecki (YouTube), inspired by Henryk Gorecki's Third Symphony. There's something really compelling about Lou Rhodes' voice and Lamb's style. If you're unfamiliar, another one of their most popular songs is Gabriel (YouTube).

Of all of the discs nominated for the 2006 Mercury Prize, Lou's Beloved One is my favorite. Maybe I need to give the Arctic Monkeys more of a chance--maybe I'm just a contrarian at heart. Finally, here's a link to my favorite song off her latest disc, an excellent tune called Tremble...


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