Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Alan Kay, OOPSLA 1997

The Computer Revolution Hasn't Happened Yet.

A good talk by Alan Kay at OOPSLA 1997.


"A lot of our confusion with objects is the problem that in our Western Culture we have a language that has very hard nouns and hard verbs. Our process words stink. I have apologized profusely over the last 20 years for making up the word object-oriented because as soon as it started to be misapplied, I realized I should have used a much more process-oriented word for it."

"Japanese have a word 'ma' ... and 'ma' is the stuff in between what we call objects; it's the stuff we don't see because we're focused on the nounness of things rather than the processness of things whereas Japanese has a more process oriented way. You can always tell that by looking at the size of a word it takes to express something important. So 'ma' is very short. We have to use words like 'interstitial' orworse to express what the Japanese are talking about."

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