Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The New Blogger

Both Google and Yahoo! seem hell-bent on mainstreaming acquired users into their systems. In the case of Yahoo! this has affected me as a Flickr user. In the case of Google, the suffering is due to my being a Blogger user.

To their credit, at least Google offered a new version of Blogger as a carrot to get me to switch. As far as I can tell, Yahoo! has simply said "My way or the highway!"

The new Blogger? As far as it goes, I'm becoming exceedingly frustrated with it. Twice I've incorrectly entered a garbled Captcha while posting. The consequence is a rejection screen. I've found no course of action other than clicking the Back button on my browser. The result? My post has been devoured by the bit bucket--a half an hour's worth of work down the drain--utterly kablooey.


(Copying this post to the clipboard in case it happens again...)


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