Thursday, June 07, 2007

Loney, Dear

Every now and then, I find a disc worthy of recommendation, and when I do, I change "The Disc" section on this site. I've posted a couple of vids by Loney, Dear. After listening to the entire disc--Loney, Noir--all I can say is nice work and well done! Recommended! editorial review:

"Loney, Dear is the somewhat confusing nom de pop of Swedish 'multi-instrumentalist and audio homecooking expert Emil Svanängen.' His voice is reedy, high-pitched, and strong, so it's understandably the focal point of these quaint, home-recorded orchestral-pop numbers. Loney, Noir is technically the indie-pop ingénue's fourth full-length, but as his first three albums were originally released in Sweden as CD-Rs, it's understandable if even devotees of chamber-pop and/or the fertile Scandinavian music scene were ignorant of this genuine talent prior to this album's release. The songs tend to start simply--voice and guitar--and to snowball, slowly adding pump organs and horns and backing vocals and hand claps until they swell precipitously with sweet, contrapuntal sounds. The arrangements never get out of hand, however, and always work in harmony with these smart and achingly melodic songs." --Mike McGonigal



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