Thursday, November 01, 2007

How to Resist a Sales Pitch

Each day, my Google home page offers a couple of helpful "How to of the Day" tips. Usually the only thing I do with this click bait is imagine ways in which the two tips might be combined into a single tip.

Here's an example:

The combination? I dunno. Maybe if someone tries to bother you with a sales pitch, you should simply walk away and sort your LEGOs.

Now, even though I'm usually able to resist the "How To" advice, today, I couldn't say no to the first one: How to Resist a Sales Pitch.

What's really fun is this wikiHow page is supported by Adsense ads. Here are a couple of examples I captured from the sales pitch resistance page:

The thought of making millions today left me feeling as tempted as Eve at a Farmer's Market, but fortunately I found salvation in the 14-step "How to Resist a Sales Pitch" posted in the adjacent column. Woohoo!!!


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