Tuesday, November 27, 2007

What's He Got

The Romantics have been in the news for suing Guitar Hero maker Activision because the cover version of their 1980s hit What I Like About You allegedly sounds too much like the real McCoy. The band is claiming Activision should have sought rights to the original rather than the publishing license that was secured.

What's the answer? I don't know. I'm not a lawyer. But it is a morsel of news that serves as a decent segue to an obscure 80s tune titled What's He Got by a band called The Producers. The two songs both came out in the very early 1980s, and for some reason my hearing one seems to trigger memories of the other. The videos are available on the band's web site (link).

Artist: The Producers
Song: What's He Got
Disc: The Producers
Year: 1981

With a little luck, maybe somebody in advertising (Saatchi, Chiat, Ogilvy, JWT, etc.) will resurrect this ear worm.


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