Saturday, December 08, 2007

2007 Brit TV Ad Awards

Once again, we went to see the British Television Advertising Awards (link), so what comes next are a few comments regarding my faves.

None made me laugh harder than this IRN-BRU commercial. It's probably funny by itself, but if you've seen the animated version of Raymond Briggs' The Snowman, it may be infinitely funnier.

The Leith Agency. Directed by Robin Shaw.

And then PG's Al and Monkey...

By Mother. Directed by Danny Kleinman.

In response to the Sony Bravia bouncing balls comes this excellent Tango parody with bouncing fruit.

By Clemmow, Hornby Inge. Directed by Jim Gilchrist.

The car seems awfully human in Toyota's Human Touch ad.

By Hakuhodo G1 Inc. Directed by Ne-0.

Other noteworthy ads include Airwaves Alien portraying an alien horrified with human existence, the 118 118 choir spoofing Honda's choir, MTV's Idiots includes Christmas drunks barely smart enough to take a cab home, and the Pot noodle miners.


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