Thursday, June 26, 2008

Land of the Lost

Dooce pens a post on Land of the Lost:

"I bet half of my readers haven't ever heard of that television show, and if you're one of those people then I am very sorry that your childhood was so unfulfilling. I bet you never owned a My Pretty Pony either. These are surely unresolved issues that you should bring up next time your family gets together for dinner, right after your father turns to your sister and says, "You were always the pretty one."

After all these years, it's hard not to wonder if the acting and special effects of this 70s Saturday morning sci-fi gem have ever been paralleled. Unfortunately, the following YouTube link for the show's introduction is now dead. Someone must have had it taken down, either to protect intellectual property or simply to save face. (Actually I really did love this show as a kid. Those Sleestaks were seriously terrifying at the time). What will be taken down next, Sigmund and the Sea Monsters? Sigh, that's gone too.


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