Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Birdhouse in Your Soul

Watching someone else's madcap creativity is one of the ways I stimulate my own imagination. The muse du jour: ABC's Pushing Daises, a television show that's difficult to describe. A few parts Amelie, a few parts Fractured Fairy Tales, a dash of Police Squad!, a pinch of Moulin Rouge and a teaspoon of Sleeping Beauty?

When Ned the Pie Man touches a dead thing, it comes back to life, but a second touch dooms it to eternal sleep. And, so, Ned revived his childhood sweetheart, and theirs is a love story of two fateful lovers who can never touch (when they're not solving murder mysteries) in an oversaturated technicolor world rife with alliteration.

It's whimsical and fun. The art direction is fantastic and sometimes the characters even chime into song, like they did with this They Might Be Giants ditty...

And a promo trailer


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