Tuesday, November 04, 2008


For quite some time, I've advocated research into geothermal energy. Looks like Google and Warren Buffett have gotten into the game. Yey!

"Geothermal energy may be the most prolific renewable fuel source that most people have never heard of. Although the supply is virtually limitless, the massive upfront costs required to extract it have long rendered geothermal a novelty. But that's changing fast as this old-line industry buzzes with activity after decades of stagnation.

Billionaire Warren E. Buffett has invested big. Internet giant Google Inc. is bankrolling advanced research. Entrepreneurs are paying record prices for drilling leases in places such as Nevada, where they're prospecting for heat instead of metals."


Note: Referring to geothermal as 'renewable' is a misnomer, imho. You're sucking energy from the Earth's core. It's not renewable. It's just vast.


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