Saturday, May 14, 2005

Adventures in Nagware (Kitchen Edition)

When my microwave has finished nuking something, it's smart enough to know that I haven't opened the door. So, presumably in the interest of being helpful, it beeps periodically to remind me that it has something waiting for me.

I find this insanely annoying.

If the matching oven did this, it would be a different story; in that case, something might get baked to a crisp or even start a fire. But this is the microwave, it's off, and that's not going to happen. The worst thing that can happen is my food or warmed up coffee will get less warmed up. And, frankly, as hard as they try, microwaves don't always distribute heat evenly, so it even makes sense to let the object of nukeage sit for a while as the heat diffuses.

"Beep! Hey you, you've got something in here. Come and get it right now! Beep! Come on!"

I wonder if the designers considered the possibility that nagging microwaves might annoy some people.


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