Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Software Distribution Myths & Lies

If you're going to succeed in the software business, coming up with a good product is only part of the battle. There are many other problems that need to be solved, and one of them is distribution.

There are many ways of getting your product in the hands of customers. The more you succeed, the more distribution channels will open up for you, but the road from shareware to the shelves of major retailers can be a disillusioning experience for the uninitiated.

Whilst going through old links and papers, I stumbled onto an old article written by Bungie Software founder Alexander Seropian. He speaks truth.

"When I started Bungie Software, all I wanted to do was write a computer game and sell it, just like I sold popsicles during the summer when I was in fifth grade or my chemistry notes in college. My naive vision had an elegant simplicity, a kind of commercial innocence.

It wasn't long before that innocence was betrayed by the long list of vendors, distributors, retailers, and mail order companies who were more than eager to insert their grubby hands into my pie. Now, don't get me wrong: we couldn't have made it to where we are, or get where we're going without these channel partners. But there's a lot that goes on behind the shelves that consumers seldom realize."



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