Friday, April 07, 2006

Draining Friday

Today has been a day of travel, and tired I am. If you haven't seen the giant centipede eating the mouse, it's creepy, probably not for the squeamish and too time consuming for my taste; that said, it's scientifically fascinating, and there's an added bonus: after seeing it you might never sleep soundly in an exotic location again.

If you thought Dawkins was hard on religion, I think it's fair to say Penn & Teller are harder (Vision? Nary!) The photo of the penguin in the Smithsonian Magazine Photo contest is excellent (3QD). In Nat Geo, The Gospel of Judas paints Judas in a more favorable light (the excellent 3QD again). Gospel of Brutus, forthcoming? :)

SIGGRAPH 2006 Animation Festival winners announced (via Gamasutra). A few random tunes selected with relaxation in mind... Breathe by Telepopmusik. When Ye Go Away by the Waterboys. Forest Fire by Athlete.


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