Thursday, May 11, 2006

Optimal Airplane Boarding Algorithm

Suresh at Geomblog has a post about airplane loading algorithms. I considered making a comment, but given the rant-like nature of my thoughts, I think I'll say it here. My suggestion for optimal airplane boarding.

(begin rant)

First, people who have no carry-on baggage.

Second, people with carry-on that actually fits below the "seat in front" or in the "overhead compartment."

Third, NFL linebackers that effortlessly brush fourth class boarders posing as second class boarders out of the aisles and into their seats.

Fourth, people suffering from the delusion that, with the proper angular adjustment, it's possible to get a shipping crate in an overhead compartment. (Also included in this group, those who score in the bottom decile of spatial reasoning tests.)

(end rant)



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