Monday, October 23, 2006

Man on Books

Today I realized Google's Froogle works with ISBN numbers. Cool!

In other bibliophile news, my Amazon Wish List continues to grow and grow. A couple thoughts. If Amazon were to offer a "Do It Yourself" book club, I might opt for it. By "Do It Yourself" book club, I mean monthly (or periodic) shipments from my Wish List. The sum of my list is too expensive for a one time purchase and who wants that many books at once anyway, so let me make a commitment, give me an extra discount and sell me a book a month for the duration of the commitment, okay? (If this exists, I have yet to find it, but I'm surprised it's not an option.)

Also, IMHO, the Amazon Wish List should look more like the Netflix queue with items numbered in order of desirability. This would work better for gift shopping, and it would better accommodate something like a "Do It Yourself" book club.

Finally, I'm looking for an RSS driven "Price Watcher" for books I'd like to purchase. There's a pretty long list of technical books I'd love to have. These books range from range of $60 to +$200. It would be nice to have a watcher to alert me when an interesting deal becomes available.


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