Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Cyndi Lauper

Some of my favorite concerts over the past few years have included Pete Yorn at 1st Avenue's little annex, 7th St. Entry. There was a Loudon Wainwright concert that included an opening by Justin King that was absolutely incredible (if you ever have an opportunity to see King, take it). Imogen Heap put on a great show a few months ago. Suzanne Vega. Aimee Mann. Waterboys. John Mayer + Counting Crows + Graham Colton. Etc.

That said, there are few performances I've ever enjoyed more than Cyndi Lauper's last night at the College of St. Catherine. It was one of the best shows I've ever seen.

The concert began with Cyndi posing as a bishop, her face in the spotlight as she sang a quirky rendition of Mack the Knife. Singing at a Catholic college and dressed as a Catholic school girl, she joked, "I've been thrown out of two Catholic schools in my life, so I thought I'd see if I could go for 0 and 3!" She failed in that pursuit, leaving an ethuisiastic crowd satisfied with a tremendous multi-song encore that included a ukelele performance by Esera Tuaolo in an Iko Iko + Bob Marley combo after she pulled the ex-NFL player from his seat.

Wandering through the audience, climbing a grand piano a number of times, dancing back and forth the stage, she offered more energy than I've seen from performers twenty years younger. The band was wonderful. Thank you, and bravo! (5/5)


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