Wednesday, November 08, 2006


What's new?

Lately, it seems ignorance has been falling down and going boom, but anyhow...

I'm a bit behind on media plugs, so here are a few things to which I give thumbs up.

Recently, I made it to an excellent Shawn Colvin concert promoting her new disc These Four Walls. If you like her music and you have the chance, she does good.

Corrine Bailey Rae has created a great disc; hardly breaking news, it's simply a matter of giving credit where it's due. Nice work!

There's a certain kindred spirit I find in Michael Shermer, so I'm probably not a good source for impartiality in giving thumbs up to Why Darwin Matters--another nice contribution towards the end of seeing ignorance fall down and go boom.

Recently, I enjoyed a book talk by Marjane Satrapi, Iranian author of the graphic novel Persepolis and refugee from Islamic fundamentalism. She insists on calling her work "comics" and seems to eschew the term "graphic novel."

Finally, high praise for the 5th edition of David Flanagan's Javascript: The Definitive Guide. If you are considering buying a book on the subject, this is the one to get. Definitive.


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