Sunday, December 10, 2006


Man has long pondered Justice--since the time of Socrates and then some. I've often heard people exclaim, "There is no justice!"

Does Justice exist? What is the nature of Justice?

While shopping this afternoon, I realized the answers to these and many other Gadfly-eluding questions concerning Justice.

Justice does exist, but from what I've seen, I don't think she's existed very long--four years, maybe five tops. Justice wears a faux leopard coat and a matching fez. She has black hair, laughing eyes and, most surprisingly, she's quite a mischievous little hellion.

If you see Justice approaching with her little red shopping cart, the best course of action is a speedy U-turn. Otherwise, she'll ram you with the full force of Justice.

"Justice! You get back here right now!"

The hearty and clearly well-developed yell of her mother.

I didn't anticipate Justice incarnate coming in the form of an incorrigible little girl.


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