Wednesday, March 21, 2007

And that's the links that was...

Blind kid uses echolocation to "see." Mind-blowing example of the power of the human brain. Someone needs to figure out how this kid learned to do what he does. Others could surely benefit. (link)

Stevey is funnn-nnnnnnny! Okay, Mr. Yegge, you've won me over. Recently posted journal entries from his first weeks at Google in 2005, A Noogler's View of Google: "I mean, come on, it's pretty obvious they're going to eat us. Geez, we've all read fairy tales before. Nobody just gives you a bunch of free food for as long as you want without killing you and eating you. Like, duh. But I can vouch for Kirkland: when the Feasting Day OKR comes around, we'll be ready. I myself would probably go well with cranberry sauce." (link)

Crystal Cave of Giants in Mexico. These are the largest cave crystals I've ever seen. Is that Marlon Brando in the background? Jor-El... Jor-El??? (link)

Brad DeLong's Morning Coffee: "Income inequality in America has taken an enormous leap upwards since the mid-1980s, leaving us today with a society that is as unequal as America was in the pre-Great Depression Gilded Age." (link)

Ars Technica Digs into Vista. "This is Part I of Ars Technica's three-part Windows Vista review coverage. In the coming weeks we will be expanding on this coverage, culminating in an official review when our testing is finished. For now, let's get under the hood..." (link)

Foresight Exchange. "A notional stock market where you buy shares betting on the outcome of future events." (link)

Javascript Closures. I used to be a real computer language hound, but I reached a point of diminishing returns in terms of interestingness. Lately, I've been playing catch up. Javascript, the language of the browser, is a much cooler language than I realized. It even supports closures. (link)

Web 2.0 Adoption. Nicholas Carr: "Yesterday, Forrester released some results from a December 2006 survey of 119 CIOs at mid-size and larger companies. It indicated that Web 2.0 is being broadly and rapidly brought into enterprises. Fully 89% of the CIOs said they had adopted at least one of six prominent Web 2.0 tools - blogs, wikis, podcasts, RSS, social networking, and content tagging - and a remarkable 35% said they were already using all six of the tools." (link)

On the Artistic Side. If you need an art fix, check out the great work of Thomas Ehretsmann, especially the Illustration section. (link via Drawn!)

(this is the 3rd post I've lost and had to retype thanks to the behavior of the new Blogger.)


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