Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Consider the Pocket Watch

I have trouble finding the time to write a software essay, and I'm not sure I want to try; occasionally I write technical notes at work, so a software essay kinda feels like work I'm not getting paid for. Also, as far as it all goes, I'm more an aphorism guy than an essay guy (i.e., pro high-density). What follows is inspired by my opinions regarding object-oriented vs. procedural languages, system design and encapsulation. I'm not sure if it will contain any truths or pearls of wisdom, specific or general; standard disclaimers apply.

Consider the pocket watch...

It requires two things of us:
To be set.
To be wound full of energy.
In return, it gives us future time.

Some insist on saying
"Wind the watch"
While others insist on
"The watch wind."

Thing and action: TheWatch.Wind( );
Action and thing: Wind(TheWatch);
An argument of order,
And nothing more.

What matters to me
Is not the order of things said.
It is the complexity hidden

And the simplicity seen


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